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Our garments are all made with the best Italian fabrics and we can produce them in stretch cotton, lycra, reverse lycra and elastic velvet. Depending on the use of the garments we can also insert reinforcement gussets under the crotch or even make such "double" garments (recommended for riders or appearances who can subject the garments to strong stresses)

FOR QUOTES AND ORDERS SEND AN EMAIL TO info@etoilemillennium.it

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Men's Sizes

  • XS (Boy 12-14 years)

  • S (42-44)

  • M (44-46)

  • L (46-48)

  • XL (50-52)

  • XXL (52-54)

Women's sizes

  • XS (38-40)

  • S (40-42)

  • M (42-44)

  • L (44-46)


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